AirTag vs Tile: which one takes less time to locate?

AirTag vs Tile

Accessories for tracking everyday products, items or objects are not new for 2021. However, the AirTag, Apple’s tracking accessory, if it’s a novelty since it was launched just a few weeks ago and the results after use are quite good. Other products similar to AirTags are Tile brand trackers. A few days ago a test was done compare the time it took to find a lost object with an AirTag and a Tile, thus verifying the power of the different networks and the effectiveness of the location. The results? The AirTags won by a landslide, but with a few caveats.

30 minutes to find the AirTag, almost 12 hours to find the Tile

The test was carried out by the TechRadar website in which an AirTag and Tile Mate were left behind a fence at 9 a.m. on a Monday in a busy area. After returning home and activating the lost mode of both accessories, the test began. At barely 30 minutes, a notification was received on the iPhone detection of the location of the lost AirTag. Throughout the test, up to 13 accessory detection notifications were received.

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However, the Tile Mate’s first alert has arrived. 12 hours after the start of the test. This is why the quality of Apple’s search network is much more powerful and robust than that of Tile. In fact, the network only has to improve since it is necessary to have iOS 14.5 to be able to locate the AirTags and the level of adoption of this version will go in crescendo

In the next weeks.

But all is not gold that glitters. If we analyze the detection of specific location of tracking accessories, the AirTag was located at a distance on a street parallel to the one it was on. Compared to the Tile Mate which determined the location much more precisely. For Apple, this is not a problem because the U1 chip with ultra-wideband technology This would mitigate the error counters once you start looking near the prop.



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