Apple may launch a new hardware subscription service this year

We have already mentioned more than once the interest of digital services for appleIn fact, these subscription services are attractive to all businesses because, in the end, they require users to pay a fee in exchange for not losing the service that the business offers. We never own the storage, or the movies, or the music, we lose ownership in exchange for having everything that would be very expensive if we bought it. Well, now it’s just been leaked that Apple would think we’re subscribing to their devices as well, yes, we could subscribe to the iPhone and thus always have the latest iPhone

in our hands. Keep reading as we give you all the details…

The news was published by Bloomberg and apparently stems from Apple’s interest in securing a surge in recurring sales. It is true that in the United States They already make it possible to finance any device

material with the Apple Cardbut they do through Citizens Bank. This change would mean recurring payment to Apple through Apple Device Financing and everything would be handled by the company itself as they do with their services such as Apple Music or Apple TV+.

Adding devices like the iPhone or iPad to a new hardware subscription model could even link to services like Apple One and AppleCare

, that is, in the end, they offer us a package including hardware, software and other digital services in the cloud via a monthly price. Logic, in the end, a lot of users would have to pay a little bit per month instead of shelling out big bucks for a device. They immobilize you, but can allow you to change devices more frequently, and Apple may have some component recycling that’s also good for the company.



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