Apple returns to the top of the Chinese market six years later

The landing of the iPhone 6 in China and the way the North American firm promoted its products in Asia marked a before and after in Apple’s own economy, and since then in the Chinese market. , it has seen constant increases and decreases, with 2019 being perhaps one of the worst in this regard.

However, The loss of major competitors such as Huawei has led Apple to once again position itself as the best positioned brand in the Chinese market since the launch of the iPhone 13.

Apparently the waters are resuming their course.

This is curious at least considering that until early 2020, when Donald Trump arbitrarily decided to limit Huaw’s activityei, it was by far the market leader in the country where he was born, and for good reason, Huawei launched some of the most technological devices in history without offering prices significantly higher than those of Apple, highlighting in particular in its power, its design and the quality of its photographic section. However, the North American veto and Android limitations have made a dent in the brand perception that users have had so far.

It was then that Apple, which until now was not only behind Huawei but also saw Oppo and Vivo from afar, keeping the North American company with 8% of the market and the previous two with rates above 18. %, began its special spring. Today, Apple again governs 22% of smartphone sales in China and thus offers it its best record since 2015 (18%),

good news for the Cupertino company, which has strengthened its position in one of the most important markets on the planet.



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