Apple TV + lowers the quality of its broadcast because of the coronavirus

Apple TV +

The worldwide health crisis is affecting all levels of society. We have seen over the past days that products are declining, that many stores are closing in on security and, in turn, that segregation is working in many countries and regions around the world. This has led to some problems with connectivity and bandwidth used by many companies. One of them is the Apple TV + of its choice reduce the quality of your broadcast

to alleviate network breaches in Europe, even though the consequences are dire.

The Apple TV + quality is characterized by its unavailability on COVID-19

Internet use grew by almost 50% and mobile voice accounted for the other 50%. In addition, mobile data usage has increased by a quarter. This information is especially appropriate because infrastructure should support more than double communication. In addition, there are many links to mainstream services such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime or Apple TV +. That is why the management appeals to do it Effective use of network

because at the end of the day it's just another part of the problem in this category of public health crisis, an effort by everyone.

Because of this, European authorities have issued orders to various streaming service companies in the reduce bandwidth usage in Europe to ease the tension in communication. Services such as Netflix or HBO have already begun to reduce the quality of their productions and now it's an Apple TV + opportunity. Remember that Apple's streaming service offers 4K and HD content

except for subscriptions, that is, for all users is the same quality.

However, with this reduction in bandwidth usage Apple TV + significantly reduced the quality of its broadcast to be able to recognize art and abstract objects in each of them. Compared to changes made by other services, the Apple TV + is a much bigger and more visible version by far. Experts confirm that the quality used by this giant apple is all we can get with a device connected to a 3G network with such low resolution that it has 670 pixels high.



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