Apple's partnership is canceling's partnership in the Pentagon & # 39; s Maven project

A few weeks ago we announced that Apple had acquired, a company that specializes in artificial intelligence and machine learning, for about $ 200 million. Although those of Cupertino do not indicate the company's acquisition intentions, there is evidence that the use of its technology could improve Siri in future updates. Today we know that worked on Maven Project of the Pentagon, a project dedicated to the analysis of millions of data from the United States Department of Defense and Apple has terminated its contract with and the United States Government., now from Apple, bid farewell to The Maven Project

He Maven Project He is one of the projects the United States Department of Defense is working on. Years ago they saw a large amount of data they had: recordings, photos and other information that was not easy to analyze by people. This resulted in the birth of the Maven project: use creative literacy analyze the data and see good compliance data.

Other companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft have also worked for the US Government on this same project. However, Google staff released a letter demanding that the company's participation in the project cease because other interests might be related the acquisition of purpose and issuing orders of action

by drones.

To begin with, the developer of an art software called, was involved in the Maven Project, which is an initiative of the US Department of Defense. U. to use intelligence software to analyze images captured by military drones. Apple acquired recently and decided to end the contract with the Pentagon.

Details confirm that participated in the Maven project of the Pentagon. However, in the days after the company's acquisition by Apple, they decided stop participating. This may be due to the philosophy and principles of the big apple, always away from direct relations with the government and very little about projects that may have objective analysis purposes.



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