AR Tour Ocean takes you to the bottom of the sea from the iPhone

AR Tour Ocean

These days, it’s hard to be surprised at how many apps we have and what functions they offer. But in this case, the AR Tour Ocean app takes us to the bottom of the sea from the comfort of the sofa. While it is true that this is an augmented reality application and that it has its limits, we can surprise the little ones at home (and the not so young) with it. This app which is available in the iOS app store is free

and it can show you a red ray, manta ray, whale shark or even a jellyfish.

It’s very simple and the only thing the app requires AR Tour Ocean is to allow access to our camera, nothing more is needed. Once downloaded to our iPhone or iPad, we can enjoy these marine animals from the comfort of our sofa.

The only downside of this application to get a little out of it but it is that it shows us the animals of different colors, all those that appear have the same color and this may be the only negative point of the experience, the rest is great to pass the time. In addition, the app offers the names of the species that appear on our screen, so we will also learn the names of some of the species that appear. It is an entertaining application

which gives us a close-up view of the ocean floor and allows us to see some of the most majestic animals on the planet in a different way.

AR TOUR OCEAN (AppStore link)



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