European Union to offer common charger for all smartphones, ignoring Apple complaints

One of the most important issues today is out of batteryYou will see people plugged into any outlet on the street or even on subway platforms, outlets that shouldn’t even be used … And we can’t live without mobile devices. And in this regard, we are faced with the dilemma of shippers. Not everyone uses the iPhone, but what if we all had the same charger? our life would be more comfortable. It has always been in the European Union plans, the universal charger, and it looks like they’re moving forward despite criticism from Apple. Keep reading as we tell you all the details.

The reason is for the European Union electronic waste reduction

, if we all used the same charger we wouldn’t need new ones, that makes sense … with its products, something that, moreover, other manufacturers have also done. The European Union is pursuing its plans and it seems that in September it will propose this standardization legislation for universal chargers..

In a way, we already have a universal charger, and are more and more devices that allow wireless charging, and The Qi standard has become universal. But yes, the European Union is right, it would be ideal for all manufacturers to use the same type of charger, this is an ecological measure and if Apple has its mouth full when it comes to environmentalism, should adopt some form of charging via USB-C

that it would be truly universal. And also keep in mind that iPad Pro already integrates the USB-C port so the transition would not be difficult. And you, what do you think of all this controversy over universal chargers? Should Apple use the same ports as the competition?



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