Find out here if you are one of those affected by the Facebook hack

Network security as well as privacy are difficult sections to manage today. The proof is the recent one Facebook hack that exposed the personal data of more than 535 million users on the network.

Now the question that is asked of more than one is: can you tell if I am one of these hacked users? The answer is yes. Today you We are going to show you the steps to follow to find out if you are inside those hacked accounts on Facebook or even elsewhere.

Undoubtedly the figure of more than 500 million people who have experienced a personal data breach it’s very high, and it’s possible that one of you reading this article right now has your data exposed to the network.

Earlier this year, a security breach was discovered in Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, which allowed users to display the phone linked to their users’ accounts. Thanks to this security flaw other data has been obtained from its users and this is obviously not good.

That is why today we will see how to find out if our personal data was disclosed during this attack. The first thing we need to do is access the website and we add our email address associated with Facebook.

Now, based on what the result shows, we will know if we have been hacked or not. If the tool we request to add new password and two-step authentication

To protect our account is that the data was exposed during the massive hack.

It’s possible that this tool will end up working with the phone number associated with the social media account, but so far what we’ve seen is that it only works with email. The You can also check emails from other social networks or websites.



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