India confirms Apple is responsible for precarious wages in any manufacturing plant

It hasn’t been said for a long time, but the truth is that Precarious pay conditions in countries like India put big companies like Apple in the spotlight which are moving more and more production processes to these countries. Apple makes a lot of money with every iPhone it makes, but is it offering a living wage for everyone involved in producing these devices? Now the Indian government has just talked about the The responsibility of Apple as a company with the low wages of its manufacturing plants in India.

Yes, they have full responsibility. Keep reading as we give you all the details of this new controversy with precarious wages in countries like India.

It all comes after a Riot at the Wistron factory in Bangalore, India. A riot that led to the paralysis of the iPhone assembly line. It was such that mutinous workers attacked assembly units, smashed windows and even started a fire inside the factory. Wistron, head of iPhone production in India, estimates riots caused around $ 60 million in damage

to the company. The reason? precarious wages that have never been reviewed after meetings between workers and human resources.

“Under the Contract Labor (Regulation and Abolition) Act 1970, the contractor is responsible for paying wages and the main employer is ultimately responsible,” one said. This implies that the authorities can demand explanations from both Apple and Wistron.

But as you can see in the previous paragraph, Indian labor law makes it clear that after such a failure between employees and Wistron, it is Apple, an entrepreneur, who must take over.

of the situation and accept responsibility. For its part, Apple is reportedly investigating the situation of these workers, they even suspended all contracts with Wistron until this situation is clarified. Something similar to what happened with Pegatron a few months ago after discovering that workers reportedly worked overtime without being paid, something that led Apple to halt production at Pegatron for violating Apple’s code of conduct.



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