IPhone 13 could launch in the third week of September

IPhone 13 Concept

For now and until the Cupertino company does not officially announce the launch date of the new iPhone 13, all statements and details on a possible date are rumors launched by analysts and specialized sites of Apple. That said, Daniel Ives, analyst at Wedbush, today issued a press release for his investors warning against the arrival of the new iPhone model for the third week of next month.

Maybe the presentation will be before

In principle, we do not question the news published a few minutes ago on the popular MacRumors site, but it is that the filing date and the release date are different. Usually, Apple usually presents its products with several days of slack until they start selling, which is when they make reservations and later sell. It is clear that last year does not serve as a sample for this, but it is almost always like that in the presentations of the iPhone, first it is shown and later it is released in the market.

This year the Cupertino company seems to have done their homework right, so we believe that the launch and the presentation will not have so many days apart. We have no doubts about this statement from analyst Wedbush, but the date of the presentation must first be confirmed to clarify the launch or start of sales later, as we know we are clear that it is not. not easy to guess the exact dates of the Manzana launches. It can be presented the first or the second week of September … Until the day finally arrives, it will be a “dance” of betting.



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