Manage and modify all the information of your photos with PhotInfo


When it comes to managing the data of our photographs, we have at our disposal various applications that allow us to access data on location, date, time, shutter speed (EXIF data) from our iPhone. However, not all of them allow us to modify them or use them as an extension of the Photos app to get the information inside.

PhotInfo, is an application that not only allows us to access all the EXIF ​​data of images, but also allows us modify or even delete them

, a great feature if we plan to share images with other people, but don’t want them to know some related information like location.


What PhotInfo offers us

  • Quickly see the main labels of a photograph at a glance.
  • Access EXIF ​​data
  • Compatible with the new ProRaw format of the iPhone 12.
  • Copy the EXIF ​​data from the labels.
  • Create a copy of the image by removing the EXIF ​​data
  • Check where and when a photo was taken.
  • We can add the author of the photograph, as well as the copyright and a description to the image.
  • A map is displayed with the exact location of the image.
  • In addition to the location, he is able to show us the exact address where it was picked up.
  • Check the photo exposure time, aperture, image resolution, aspect ratio, ISO, focal length, whether flash was used, camera model used, aspect ratio ‘picture.
  • Add location data.
  • It only allows us to access image data stored in the Photos app. If we want to consult the data of an image, we must first store it in this application.


As we can see, PhtoInfo is one of the best apps available for iOS and macOS to manage all the information that photographs can offer us. PhotInfo has a price in the App Store of 2.29 dollars, requires macOS 11 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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