Network leaked video shows what the Apple Pencil 3 could be like

Next Tuesday there will be a new Apple keynote, the first of this year 2021. In addition, the presentations continue in virtual mode due to the SARS-CoV-2019 pandemic. However, we have nothing to fear since since April 2020 all the Big Apple keynotes are online and the result is surprising to say the least. In one video disclosed on the network by a user you can see the design of what could be the next Apple Pencil 3,

a design that is apparently a cross between the first and second generation.

Will we see the presentation of the Apple Pencil 3 next Tuesday?

The Apple Pencil has become for many an essential accessory for everyday life. The features it offers in addition to applications that are compatible with it in one way or another make the stylus an ideal accessory for users of all types. In addition, the ergonomics of the accessory with the new iPads and integration with the devices themselves poses no transport problems.

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It looks like the Apple Pencil 3 will arrive on April 20

Rumors suggest that next Tuesday, in the opening speech “ in spring ”, we will see the new iPad without major external changes, the expected AirTags, the new colors for the iPhone cases and the latest leaks suggest that We will have an Apple Pencil 3 which will also be featured in the keynote. In fact, a few hours ago a video was posted a few seconds long in which you could see the design of what is said to be the third generation of Apple’s stylus.

If we take a close look at the short video we can see how it comes down to the glossy finishes that could be seen on the 1st gen Apple Pencil. But in addition, the flat edge that was added in the second generation is integrated so that it can be magnetically glued to the sides of the iPad. Therefore, the new accessory it would be a mix between the two generations published to date.



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