Not only Europe, but the United States will also require the universal USB-C charger


we already know that the iPhone with USB-C will be a reality, or at least it should be… The European Union reached an agreement a few weeks ago that will oblige device manufacturers to have a universal charger with USB-C, that is, say Apple will have to remove Lightning from iPhones to accommodate other brands. A news that is obviously not exciting in Cupertino but that they can not do much with, and that is that it may not be only Europe, several American senators are considering the requirement of the universal charger in the USA. Keep reading as we tell you all the details…

And yes, these senators are also talking about USB-C. And it is that Senators Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders sent a letter to the Secretary of Commerce of the United States talking about the lack of interoperability standard resulting in environmental damage and electronic waste

, not to mention the problems they pose for consumers themselves. A letter they sent taking advantage of the agreement at European level and urging the Trade Secretariat to adopt the standard, in this case the USB-C, which was installed in Europe.

They go further by talking about Lightning as a port which is a clear example of planned obsolescence, a costly and frustrating port for consumers that fuels the proliferation of e-waste, they say. What will happen? Well, Apple will eventually adapt USB-C for all of its devices. We can’t forget that iPad and Mac already have these ports

, on the iPhone it takes time but today USB-C is a universal port and if not this year, in 2023 we will see a new iPhone with the universal port with USB-C. And you, what do you think Apple will end up adopting USB-C?



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