Only the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will receive the A17 chip

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Although we are hungover right now because of the arrival of the iPhone 14, well or in fact it hasn’t even arrived because the shipments will start arriving tomorrow as soon as possible, we already have to talk of the iPhone 15. Yes, as you hear it. The industry is not standing still and it looks like we need to talk about what will happen in a year. If this industry does not fail, which is unusual, and if the reports released recently are correct, we must announce that the TSMC company will be in charge of manufacturing the A17 chip which will only take the Pro models of the iPhone 15 range inside.

Taking into account that shipments of the iPhone 14 have not yet started to be received, we have already started with the rumors of the iPhone 15. It is still too early to talk about design, functions or materials. . What we are talking about now are the internal components that make the terminal work. Whatever happens, every year what varies in the iPhone (and other devices) is the chips inside that determine speed and efficiency. Logically each new model must be better than the previous one and this is achieved through chips.

If we follow the established order, the iPhone 15 will have the A17 chip, which must be better than the previous one. But this chip will be manufactured next year, 2023

and according to some specialist media, this new heart of the iPhone will only be available in terminals with the Pro family name. What about other models? Well, it looks like they will have an older chip. Something that will logically decide the purchase of one or the other terminal by users.

Currently, the A16 Bionic chip runs 10% faster on a single core compared to its previous model. However, practically there is no difference with the multicore part. We assume the A17 will increase this difference.



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