Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, says Apple users are “slaves”

Pavel Durov

The Cupertino company is still embroiled in the controversy and in this case the founder of the popular Telegram app has been tasked with attacking Apple. In this sense a text published in the popular New York Times media, and later commented on in media such as iDownloadblog harshly attacks Apple and its users.

These are important parts of the interview with Durov and published in the New York Times


Apple is involved in large-scale surveillance and censorship at the behest of China. Sadly, but not surprisingly, big tech companies often prefer profits over freedoms. In addition, this company relies on the sale of obsolete and expensive equipment to customers attached to its ecosystem. Having an iPhone makes you a digital “slave” to Apple.

These words are quite harsh and sometimes true but like in other ecosystems similar to the one Apple offers when you walk in, it’s hard to get out. This means that when you start to buy devices from one brand or the same company, it is normal to buy another and another and that these are synchronized and work perfectly when they are together increases this “slavery” of the products much more

that the founder of Telegram talks about.

Another issue is the 60Hz refresh rate on iPhones.. Here you can be a little right but it is not essential on a mobile device either:

IPhone 60Hz displays cannot compete with modern Android phone 120Hz displays which support much smoother animations.

In short, harsh criticism of Apple and its users for limiting use or enhancing user privacy against third-party companies.



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