Prepare your devices for WWDC24 with these wallpapers

WWDC Wallpapers

After a long wait, WWDC24 will begin tomorrow, June 10, the most important event of the year for Apple developers. At this event we will learn all the ins and outs of the new operating systems for next year and the expectations they generate. Among them are iOS 18 and macOS 15 with their new artificial intelligence functions most likely integrated into the concept of Apple Intelligence. If you want to be a complete fanboy

you can personalize your devices with these custom wallpapers featuring this year’s WWDC design.

WWDC24 is here: enjoy these wallpapers

Last week, Apple released a 10-second ad on social media to announce the start of WWDC to its subscribers. In just 10 seconds, you can see neon-shaped arcs that completely match the design Apple is using for this new developer convention. Core Apple User Guy Decided take advantage of the announcement and make wallpapers

to customize all our devices for the arrival of WWDC next week.

Apple Vision Pro

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The development of these wallpapers started with the announcement in the form of a still image with a resolution of 480p as reported by the user on his official blog. Using a maximization technique, the details were tweaked and the resolution was lowered again, then the same thing was done again. This technique appears to be called Yo-Yo Upscaling™ according to Basic Apple Guy.

The result is three wallpapers with a design focused on WWDC24 available for iPhone, Mac and iPad. So if you want to prepare your devices for tomorrow, we invite you to download these wallpapers from their official website.



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