Siri and iOS 14.5 beta allow default music streaming service to be changed

iOS 14.5 and Siri

iOS and iPadOS 14 brought a lot of new features we weren’t expecting. One of them was the ability to choose the default web browser f or iOS and iPadOS from all the apps that are compatible with this system. To do this, developers should first enable this feature so that later the user can change Safari as the default browser and enter others such as Google Chrome or Firefox. In the iOS 14.5 beta released a week ago

it was discovered that Siri can customize the default music streaming service to play music when asked. Yet another point where Apple’s flexibility begins to become apparent.

iOS 14.5 allows changing the default music streaming service

The first beta of iOS 14.5 shows the biggest update to iOS 14 we have seen so far. As new to highlight, the arrival of unlocking the iPhone via the Apple Watch when wearing a mask or the compatibility of two SIMs with 5G simultaneously is important.

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The novelty discovered in the first beta of iOS 14.5 is the ability to change the default streaming music service by asking Siri to play songs for us. This function can be customized the first time we ask Siri to play music. A menu will be displayed with all the applications where we can reproduce our request and the choice will remain until we decide to change it.

Users claim that there are dozens of compatible apps: Youtube Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Castro, Deezer, Apple Books, Apple Podcasts, etc. However, we also see that this feature is still in testing since sometimes the Siri menu is displayed again to select the service or after making a new request, it is again played by default in Apple Music. But what is clear is that iOS 14.5 could be the start of further customization of the way Siri interacts with our music streaming apps.

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