Spotify launches Spotify Plus, cheaper but with ads

The leading music streaming service company wants to create a middle ground between “Premium” and “Free” users with the launch of a new plan that will allow you to partly get rid of the hassle of not paying for Spotify.

Plus is the new Spotify plan which costs less than a dollar and will allow you to remove some of the limitations of the “free” model,

although maybe not as you expected. This risky move by Spotify comes just with the launch of YouTube Lite, while keeping a distance from the essential meaning of the payment model.

The first thing is to mention that the service is only trial version for some selected users, so you will not be able to subscribe yet. In principle, Spotify is determined to launch this new subscription plan, although its operation is being analyzed by its technical team.

The intention of Spotify Plus is improve user experience, the limit of skipping between songs will be eliminated and you can individually choose the specific songs or albums you want to listen to without any kind of limit or randomness. However, that won’t eliminate one of the most negative points of Spotify Free, which is precisely the ads. You will continue to have to put up with the song-to-song advertising, so the freedom in this shot has been limited.

Likewise, Spotify Plus offers to allow extension of Spotify Connect. also to devices that only allow Spotify playback when we are dealing with a “Premium” subscription, as in the case of some smart speakers. A radical change from YouTube Lite, which only removed ads without adding additional capacity to its package which will cost 6.99 dollars. These price adjustments will always be welcome, what about Apple Music?



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