The future of AirPods would be to monitor our health with sensors

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WWDC 2021 hinted at new steps in user health monitoring that Apple wants to integrate into its new operating systems. Two of the main novelties were the incorporation of stability monitoring and the ability to share health data with our family members. However, Apple VP of Technology Kevin Lynch assured in an interview that AirPods have great potential to incorporate new sensors that allow tracking of health parameters. In addition, it would allow data from different sensors and devices to be combined. With the aim of further improving this monitoring which, associated with good software, would improve user information.

Integrating and combining sensors, the next step for Apple with AirPods?

The information is taken from an interview that the media TechCrunch carried out with the current vice president of technology of Apple, Kevin Lynch. This public figure associated with the great corporate minds of Apple is at the heart of the development of Apple Watch software and we are used to seeing him on stage as a keynote. He is responsible for animating the news of watchOS with one goal: to get rid of more and more of our phones.

In the interview, they talked about the importance of merging data from different products and their sensors in order to provide quality information to users. For example, when iOS analyzes a user’s progress, it uses the iPhone and Apple Watch with their sensors so that when combined, they give the most accurate information possible. In addition, improvements to the Health application, improvement of sensors and their algorithms takes a further step in data sampling.

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A future based on sensors and the transversality of information

In the last intervention of Kevin Lynch, he assured that today sensor fusion is used on iOS and watchOS. The question was about the implication that AirPods could have in the integration of a greater number of sensors and the collection of quality information. Kevin Lynch assured that in the AirPods “There is a lot of potential to be exploited. The door is left ajar for the arrival of new AirPods, according to rumors, which could incorporate new functions related to health monitoring.



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