The iOS 13.5 beta makes it easy to skip face ID when wearing a mask

The first beta of iOS 13.5 arrived yesterday with a bizarre preview of the long-awaited first-hand API touchdowns made by Apple and Google to announce the unveiling of titles via COVID-19. Keep in mind that this API will be made public and governments will be able to start incorporating it into their systems to make notifications similar and allowed access to Bluetooth on devices. However, there are many issues in this beta of iOS 13.5.

One of them has to do with reading a face ID. From now on, it is found that someone is wearing a mask, if they are wearing it. will skip straight to unlock with the code.

COVID-19-centric iOS 13.5: API with Google and Face ID

Face ID is a very sophisticated tool. It can recognize our face even if we have the equipment in it: glasses, hats, cosmetics, lipsticks, etc. However, the difficulty increased there There are things that interfere with scanning and face. In that case, the face ID after several attempts will direct the user to access the terminal using the unlock code.

In COVID-19 times millions of users

Use surgery or other massage and when it comes to unlocking your iPhone X (or more) or the latest generations of iPad Pro they cannot access the facial ID. This causes the blockage to be delayed compared to how it would open under normal conditions.

Because of this Apple has posted an upgrade to the first beta of iOS 13.5 related to ID ID. In the meantime the True Depth camera detects that the user is wearing a mask, the screen will be displayed as soon as the user is allowed to access the forum using the unlock code immediately.



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