The iPhone 14 Pro will have a more rounded design than the iPhone 13

iPhone 14 Pro design

The iPhone 14 has been on everyone’s lips in recent weeks. Its potential new front design and the novelties of the rear camera could be the differentiating elements of the new generation. However, there are still months of rumors, concepts, and leaks to come that will make September’s arrival more enjoyable. The last render posted by a user with leaked data shows an iPhone 14 Pro with more rounded corners than the iPhone 13 Pro,

to match their radii with the radii of the rear chamber complex. We teach you.

Apple still intends to refine the design of the iPhone 14 Pro

Ian Zelbo is the designer of FrontPageTech and was responsible for generating these blueprints through iPhone 14 leaks and rumors. The main novelty of these blueprints is the increased roundness of the corners of the iPhone 14 Pro. If we look at both the image that leads the article and the body, we see how it is appreciated an increase in screen size with reduced borders.

But in addition, you can see how much larger the angle of rotation of the corners is in the iPhone 14 Pro (right) than in the iPhone 13 Pro (left).

This design change may have been caused by the changes introduced in the rear cameras. Recall that the iPhone 14 Pro has a larger camera complex planned to be able to introduce the 48-megapixel camera. This could have been used by Apple to justify the change in the corners. Q

that each time it would feature a design more similar to the roundness of the rear camera complex.

iPhone 14 Pro design

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The change in the design of the iPhone 14 Pro resulted in inconsistency between all the lines and curves of the elements of the iPhone and this would have led Apple to change its design. However, this new design would only be available on the Pro models leaving aside the standard model and the Max standard. These more rounded corners would therefore be another differentiator between the Pro model and the standard model.



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