The new Apple TV 4K is easy to repair, the Siri remote isn’t so …

Apple recently released a revitalized version of the Apple TV 4K who will receive all the news from tvOS 15 and more, however, most of the notoriety has been taken precisely by the new Siri Remote, a command that resolves a host of user complaints and makes the device more pleasant for everyday use.

However, these devices can also break, as is the case with almost everything in life. The guys at iFixit have once again shown us how easy it is to fix Apple TV and especially what happens if the Siri remote breaks.

Discover with us its ins and outs.

The video that leads this post is a true work of art, you can watch for hours how the guys at iFixit tear down such a peculiar product as the Apple TV, and the fact that it has a fan. , which you might not have imagined. Most of the components inside the Apple TV are connected to the board via various flexible cables,

which supremely facilitates its replacement and repair, and this is something iFixit generally likes very much.

The same does not happen with the Siri Remote, the components of which in many cases have to be replaced by pure brute force, which on countless occasions will cause irreparable damage. The same thing happens with the battery, it is small, it is well hidden and it has no glue. A sum of things that makes the remote quite difficult to repair, whereas for example the Apple TV got an 8/10 in this section. Just to change the battery, which will be the first to deteriorate, you have to completely disassemble the drive, with the guarantee that you will end up breaking a part.



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