The reservation of AirTags and the purple iPhone 12. Online store closed

The Apple Stores are preparing for the arrival of reservations for the new AirTags and the new color for the iPhone 12, purple. In this direction the Cupertino company h as just closed all online shops

and is preparing for the sale.

It is important to note that the arrival of the rest of the products will be staggered, that is to say that it will not be possible to book everything from today. The case of the iMac for example is like this, You can start booking from April 30th.

And the point is that time flies very quickly and we already have the beginning of the reservations here. Last Tuesday the new products were presented and today Friday some of them can be reserved, for example AirTags individually or in a four-pack

devices and the new iPhone 12 in purple.

The first shipments will be made on April 30 in the case of both devices but they will surely be delayed as the hours go by and as the demand increases. Therefore, we recommend that you do not delay booking for too long if you are interested in purchasing AirTags or an iPhone 12 in purple.

It seemed like this would never happen and finally we already have the AirTags available here, a product that has been rumored for a long time that eventually Apple made a presentation at an Apple Park online event on April 20.



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