The term for accepting the terms of WhatsApp is coming to an end. Do you want to continue using this app?


We are about to arrive on Saturday May 15th key day for this application. And it is that this date is marked on the calendar for millions of users of the WhatsApp messaging application if they wish to continue using it because it is the last day that users are allowed to accept and accept the terms and conditions exposed by the popular messaging app.

The news that we shared last January and that it was subsequently decided to extend the period of signing these terms and conditions for a further period is about to expire. If you want to continue using WhatsApp, you will need to accept the established terms and conditions, if you don’t, you won’t be able to use the app


If you do not agree, you will not be able to access your account or use the app.

We are many users who resign themselves to accept these conditions and the consequences can be fatal in terms of operation and it is if you don’t accept them You will not be able to access your account or use the messaging app.

The news is harsh but real and it is that if you do not accept these conditions exposed by the application which is in the hands of Facebook, Initially, if you can continue to receive notifications on your device and you can even download some data from the app until WhatsApp decides you can’t do it anymore and on that day you will lose everything you haven’t downloaded.

To all this we must add an important fact and that is that in our country, Europe, being part of the European Union, we are covered by the Data Protection Regulation

which should prevent Facebook from getting the data from our WhatsApp application. This does not happen in many other countries that have not established this data protection regulation and they will see how all their data goes from the messaging app to the social network without anyone being able to prevent it.



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