The wide angle and the telephoto lens will be the protagonists of the iPhone 13

We have not stopped enjoying our iPhone 12 Pro and rumors of the iPhone 13 they are already very present in our articles. In this case, we know that the new model prepared for the end of 2021 (of which we still do not have a confirmed name) will change little in terms of design and will focus on certain technical sections.

The camera, especially the telephoto and wide angle will be the main protagonists of the new iPhone which will be launched in 2021.

These are arguably the “faintest” sensors on the iPhone, which is why Apple would like to complete a list of high quality cameras.

Once again, Ming-Chi Kuo points to his rumors, and the truth is the guy has been wrong lately and blurted out a lot of truisms, but what are we going to do, he has prestige in this environment and we cannot deny the greatest. According to the analyst, improvements are expected in the aperture from f / 2.4 to f / 1.8,

while the rest of the technical sections on sensors would remain the same. It’s only with this change that we should appreciate a lot of improvements to Night Mode, where the iPhone’s wide-angle sensor fails the most (and most devices on the market, for that matter).

He also points out that the number of sensor elements will be increased from five to six,

helping to reduce image distortion in wide angle shots. Ditto with the autofocus which should reach the wide angle depending on the sources that feed Kuo.

He no longer has any information on the telephoto lens, where honestly and despite having tried many terminals, I don’t find much sense to install a magnification above 5x. We will continue to wait and we will continue to inform you of all the news regarding the iPhone which will arrive during the year 2021.



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