These are the new emojis included in the first beta of iOS 15.4

Emojis in iOS 15.4

The first iOS 15.4 developer beta arrived a few days ago, right after the official release of iOS 15.3. The beta revealed some great news like the ability to unlock our iPhone with Face ID even if we’re wearing a mask. Or let developers play with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max ProMotion. But another of the new features built into iOS 15.4 is the integration of 37 new emojis within the Apple keyboard.

Thanks to these changes, iOS is up to date with the latest emoji update released by Unicode.

New iOS 15.4 emojis appear in the first beta

The Unicode version 14.0 of September 2021 included new emoticons In the whole world. This update was scheduled for March 2021 but was delayed due to COVID-19. This new update included 37 new emoticons which rises to 112 if you count the different skin color variants of the different new emojis. Unicode has assured that devices will start receiving these emojis in late 2021 or early 2022.

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These are new in iOS 15.4. Mask Unlock!

And so it has been for Apple. A few days ago it was published first beta of iOS 15.4 for developers. One of the novelties is in the emoji keyboard available throughout the iOS interface. are integrated the 37 new emojis

including: melted face, crying face, bitten lips, X-ray, bubbles, disco ball, etc.

You can check for all new emojis in the official Unicode update, though you can only see emoticons if you have installed iOS 15.4 or a device that supports Unicode 14 update. In a few weeks, Apple will officially release iOS 15.4 and all users will be able to have the new emoticons to use throughout the iOS and iPadOS interface.



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