These are the two official announcements of the new AirPods Max

AirPods Max

It makes sense that these hours after the launch of the Apple’s first official over-ear headphones Let’s not stop writing about them, and this was one of those products that we had been seeing rumored about for many months and after all this time is finally available for purchase.

How can it be otherwise Apple has launched in its official Youtube channel new videos / announcements

about this new product and in these videos you can see both the design of these AirPods Max and some of its main functions. If you haven’t seen them here, we link them.

These videos are available on the Apple Channel and we want to share them with you all. We start with the title AirPods Max – Journey into sound

, in which the new headphones and parts of their spectacular design are directly shown:

The following shows us some of the technical details of these AirPods Max, a real work of engineering that you may like it or not in terms of design, but it contains all the ingredients of most Apple products:

These new headphones are surely not part of the buying plans of many of you and their price is quite high although it is true that headphones of this caliber are not designed for all users of the company’s products. . It is true that many of us would have liked their price to be around 300 dollars, with that we would dare to go get them, but the more than 600 dollars they cost is not available to most of us.



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