These leaked renders of the Apple Watch Series 7 would confirm its design change

Apple Watch Series 7 rendering

The rumors about the future design of the Apple Watch Series 7 do not stop. Three months ago a possible design different from what we’ve seen for six generations was leaked and all subsequent leaks seemed to point in that direction. In fact, a few minutes ago it was released some new renderings showing the redesign of the Apple Watch Series 7. This umpteenth sample of design change almost makes us confirm a change in the trend of the big apple in the connected watch. it’s about the disappearance of the curved edges giving way to the flat edges reminiscent of the iPhone 12 and possibly the next MacBooks.

New design of the seventh generation Apple Watch from Apple

The flat edges of the Apple Watch Series 7 evoke the design of the iPhone 12

The new Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to debut alongside the iPhone 13 during the September event. The high-definition CAD-based renderings released a few minutes ago by 91mobiles provide an overview of the design that will have the seventh generation of Apple’s smart watch. According to what they say, these renderings were taken from industrial sources without specifying at what stage in the chain the information was obtained or any other data to confirm the veracity of the images.

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This will be the next Apple Watch Series 7

The Big Apple completes the visual change of the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 7 rendering

However, the designs we can see in the renderings are similar to past leaks. This allows us to draw a conclusion: design trend change almost confirmed by Apple, at least on the Apple Watch, after making changes to the iPad and iPhone.

The new design of the Apple Watch Series 7 eliminates rounded edges to make room for a box with flat edges. On a minor design level, like the button distribution and the digital crown, there seems to be no change. We can only emphasize an increase in speaker size On the left side.

The Apple Watch Series 7 could integrate a U1 chip to integrate into the Find My network. In addition, it would allow you some additional functions such as opening locks compatible with this technology. The watch would be available in several colors, some new compared to the Series 6, although there is no confirmation since Apple continues to test colors, among which there is pastel.

Finally, although the renderings do not include information regarding sizes, it has been pointed out the possible sizes of the available models. The seventh generation of Apple’s smartwatch would be available in a 44m model with a size of 44x38x9 mm with a 1.8 inch screen compared to the previous generation. The latter, in its 44m model, had a format of 44x38x10.7 mm.



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