This concept shows an iPhone 13 with a lower notch and a better camera

IPhone 13 camera in a new concept

Rumors and leaks about the iPhone 13 are starting to grab the headlines. Like every year, with the approach of September, data, rumors and possible concepts about what could be the next generation of iPhone begin to be published. On this occasion a new iPhone 13 concept It incorporates two aspects that we have been talking about for some time. It shows a reduction of the top notch and an improvement of the cameras are also planned at the technical and design level.

Start of iPhone 13 Concepts: Countdown to September

Say hello down to the smallest notch, the new camera that will let you take better photos. MagSafe battery to take away, with 1460 mAh. Plus, a bigger battery lasts up to 1.5 times longer.

This new concept released by famous user ConceptsiPhone shows an iPhone 13 with a new electric orange color. In fact, throughout the video we can see another novelty: Colorful MagSafe batteries. The user predicts that Apple could offer these batteries, released a week ago, with a frame in the color of the iPhone 13 and the rest white instead of the whole body white as it is currently marketed.

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Rumors return, iPhone 13 will debut on the always-on display

On the aesthetic level, the iPhone 13 concept is quite similar to the iPhone 12. Except for one particularity: the cameras. We must remember that we are facing the model that only mounts wide angle and ultra wide angle and currently these cameras are in a vertical position at the rear. However, in this regard we see how the two cameras would be diagonal, leaving the flash in the upper right quadrant and the microphone in the lower left corner.

IPhone 13 Concept

Finally, the other big novelty that we appreciate is a reduction of the screen notch in the upper margin. Remember that this notch or notch is the complex Face ID which presents all the cameras and sensors responsible for offering the data to unlock the device. Apple may have been able to shrink and compact these sensors in a smaller place, allowing a slight magnification of the screen, guaranteeing to have a little more space in the iOS status bar.



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