This is the prototype of some AirPods and an Apple charger with a completely transparent case

It may sound strange, but this is not the first time that we have seen a completely transparent Apple product, although it is true that in this case it is a few prototypes bought by the famous collector of Apple devices. , Giulio Zompetti.

In this sense, it must be said that some iMac models were once transparent on the case side. Now we see inside some AirPods that appear to be first or second generation and an Apple 29W charger

. Either way, the interior is shown and honestly both are spectacular due to the small size and compactness of their internal components.

Transparent Apple prototypes hard to get

We don’t think they are the only Apple prototypes with this kind of transparent casing, although it is true that it is odd that they end up looking at users outside the company. In that case Zompetti, don’t explain how he got them

but they’re really hard to get out of Apple labs. Both products are presented in all their glory on the social network Twitter.

In both cases we can see the details of the interior perfectly. thanks to the fully transparent housings. In both models you can see the final finishes in normal white plastic, like the one we see in the products finally launched on the market.



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