Turkish government calls new WhatsApp terms of service “digital fascism”

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The Turkish government advises WhatsApp users not to use it to use the app developed by a company sponsored by the state of the country. Without a doubt, the dust that the messaging app is raising after the launch of its new privacy policy is making Many of us are considering leaving this app out before the app itself leaves us stranded. if we don’t accept your policies.

But in Turkey, they go further and call what happened with the popular messaging app “digital fascism”. In this sense, the government of the country itself has launched a statement issued by the Digital Transformation Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey

on Twitter warning of these bad practices and advises to use its own app to send messages:

Foreign source applications pose significant security risks to our data. We must protect our data with local software developed for our needs. We must fight digital fascism together

What is really important in this case is that the new terms of use allow Facebook to get all mobile data, phone numbers, purchase data, general interest and locations of WhatsApp users

and it doesn’t seem to be part of the plans of many users considering its use.

The BIP application is the alternative in the case of Turkey, an application of which the Turkish state owns 25% and of which in just over 24 hours, over 1.1 million people downloaded. To date, Turkey obliges social media developers to store their users’ data on servers located in the country and for non-compliance with these, they have already imposed several fines precisely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube …

On another side Amnesty International states that the Turkish government has too much power over this user privacy by law and offers common ground precisely not to harm user privacy by sending the data to the government of the country.

For the time being until February 8 We will not see any changes in our country in WhatsApp despite the fact that the notification of acceptance of the new policies of the application has already been published on our devices for a few weeks. A real headache for many users.



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