Twelve South launches its new ActionBand, a sports bracelet with the Apple Watch

We love Apple devices, they changed the way we do a lot of things. We carry an entertainment system in our pocket, a means of communication on the wrist, a powerful camera always at hand … Yes, it’s true that it’s not only made by Apple, but obviously in iPhone News we are fanboys … Also, we also like accessories for devices

, and there is one of the most varied. Cases for our iPhones, stands, chargers, Apple Watch bands, or bracelets … Personally I had not seen anything like this, but Twelve South just released their Apple Watch bracelet. Keep reading as we give you all the details.

As you are told, this new It was launched by ActionBand of Twelve South, a brand famous for creating accessories for iDevices. On this occasion, they present us an ActionBand which remains a sports bracelet designed for training, the ActionBand holds the Apple Watch perfectly and is made of cotton

. A cotton that will keep our Apple Watch attached to our wrist so that you can continue to receive heart rate measurements, and protect it from sweat thanks to the cotton of the bracelet.

Interestingly, according to Twelve South’s comments, we can wear it as a bracelet or bracelet. All for $ 29.99 and we can already buy it from the official website of Twelve South, although we will surely end up seeing it at the main distributors in Europe. New accessories that open even more the range of possibilities of our devices, I had never seen a similar accessory because it was necessary? But the truth is that seen in another way it can be interesting for many sportsmen . looks like this new ActionBand from Douze Sud?



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