Unboxing video of an AirPods 3 clone without them being in the market

Clone AirPods 3

We share with you all a video in which you can literally see a fake or a copy of the AirPods 3 without them being available in the market yet. It might sound curious or even weird, but it’s not something new at all, on other occasions the same has happened: we saw possible clones of Apple devices before Apple. launches them on the market.

Without a doubt, these are functional headphones, without the quality that Apple offers and with the design we are talking about, these new AirPods from the Cupertino company could have. Let’s not go back and watch the video of these AirPod clones.

Here is the video in which the famous YouTuber EverythingApplePro, Take an AirPods 3 clone out of the box based on the design and rumors seen on the net:

It is possible that the new AirPods 3 from the Cupertino company have a similar design although they show us in this video that they could even be the same, but it there is nothing official either until the firm decides to launch you

at the market.

And that’s another issue as they roll out the new AirPods. There are many rumors that these Apple headphones will arrive during WWDC

of that same year or even before it was celebrated but at the moment we have nothing.

What seems clear if we listen to rumors is that these new Apple AirPods would not add the silicone part Similar to the one we find in the AirPods Pro, this would be a differential factor in this model since the original AirPods don’t have it.



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