Universal control functionality for iPad and Mac is delayed

Universal control

One of the flagship features of macOS Monterey alongside iPadOS 15 was universal control. This was arguably shown extensively in Apple’s WWDC presentation last June and is not available at this time. In addition, now on Apple’s website, they indicate that they have suffered a significant delay in its development and will ultimately not be available before spring 2022possibly and with a little luck for the month of March or April.

Universal control f or iPad and Mac is delayed

It is one of those characteristics which undoubtedly marked a presentation. The best thing about it is that they never said they weren’t going to launch it at any point, just They announce on their website that they will not have it ready before spring 2022.

The only thing you need to work with a Mac and an iPad, even with several people, is a keyboard and a mouse or a trackpad. Move your cursor between your Mac and iPad, type on your Mac and watch the text appear on your iPad, or drag and drop content from one Mac to another. Universal Control does not require any configuration. Simply move the cursor from device to device with your mouse or trackpad until it appears on the second device. From there, you can move the cursor through both of them as if nothing had happened. Universal Control works with up to three devices.

This function which entered in the presentation of the new Mac operating system, macOS Monterey is currently out of devices, with no option to use. In any case we are sure that Apple is working on it so that it is launched as soon as possible since it is undoubtedly one of the striking novelties of the new operating systems.



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