What if the new Siri remote appeared in the search app?

Although I personally have not seen the size and dimensions of the new Apple Siri remote control, if I know the current or previous model perfectly well, better to say so and it is really small and slim, so obviously it has tend to hide in any corner from the living room sofa.

Can you imagine that the new Siri remote is compatible with the search app and connects to it via bluetooth? Well it looks like it would be possible and once again the assistant Siri was in charge of filtering this possibility out …

A few weeks ago, Siri revealed the exact date of Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event and now reveals the possibility that the new Siri remote be compatible with the search app and stop being a puzzle when lost at home, office, etc. On the MacRumors website they are showing us this news which would be great for many users or at least for those who are planning to buy the new Apple TV or even just the Siri remote.

This news, which was not officially confirmed by Apple on the day of the presentation, could become a reality within a few days. You will have to be patient and wait for the arrival of this device in the hands of users or the videos of reference youtubers with their respective opinions. We already want to see if Apple has added this option or not on the Siri remote control. that would be really good.



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