What to do if we find an iPhone and why it is so important to activate “Siri with lock screen”

lost iphone

This is something that more than one of you already know or has been explained at some point, but it is important to make a reminder for everyone and especially for those users who do not know that this function can save us from losing iPhone permanently due to its blockage.

This is one of the many options that we have so that we can get our iPhone back whenever the person who finds it wants to return it, so all of us who have the iPhone should activate the “Siri with locked screen” function

and everyone beyond whether or not having an iPhone should know about this feature.

Make a call: to the owner’s father, mother or brother is possible when you find an iPhone in the street with the Siri function active with a locked screen. This function is enabled in the iPhone settings and it is very important to know that it exists and can be used when an iPhone is found on the street and you want to return it.

To do this simply with the iPhone locked, we have to press the button to activate Siri and tell him to call mum or dad. Siri can be activated on all iPhones where the “Siri with Lock Screen” option is enabled in Settings> Siri and Search> Siri with Lock Screen

Once we called “daddy” we just had to tell him to offer us a little description of his son’s iPhone such as his color, wallpaper or a detail of the case and then meet the rightful owner. for make you iPhone and make you the happiest person in the world after fear.

Logically we can also go to the authorities of our city to give them the device and that it is they who return it or even make this call in front of them to certify the intention to return the iPhone.



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