Lucifer sensation: Eva’s ex Adam revealed in a new video for season 6

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A new video for “Lucifer” reveals a surprising character: Adam is part of the 6th season of the diabolical series! See the video on Netzwelt.


Lucifer (Quelle: 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.)

  • Adam, the first person and ex of Eve, is revealed in “Lucifer”.
  • A new promo clip for season 6 shows the new character for the first time.
  • Adam’s appearance is likely to involve some complications.

Before the start of the 6th and final edition of the Amazon prime

-Show “Lucifer“With Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, a brand new video has now been released that introduces an important character for the new episodes for the first time: none other than Adam, Eve’s first person and ex, takes the stage in the USA Netflix home show.

Here is the clip about psychiatrist Linda, at the end of which Adam appears for the first time:

This is the first time we’ve heard of Adam’s role in “Lucifer” season 6. But since Eva hooked up with the demon Maze in the previous issue, there will be problems with the return of her former admirer. And Lucifer himself “stole” Eva from Adam one day, as viewers of the Amazon series know.

Season 6 unfortunately does not start in Germany until October 25, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. Netflix subscribers, on the other hand, can enjoy the new episodes much earlier in the USA.

But you also have the opportunity to see the new episodes from season 6 on Netflix simply by being with a VPN service uses the US offer. So you can stream directly from September 10th – but only in English.

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