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A competition with “Sonic & Knuckles”

When Sega decided to organize a competition with the above game in 1994, several video game competitions were already taking place. For the very first time you can read THIS ARTICLE and for the first “large scale” see HERE.

This competition is organized in a way that, in a way, it responds to the technological advancement advertised by Nintendo with the 3D graphics of Donkey Kong. With this game, Sega offers “Sonic & Knuckles”, a system called “Lock-on Technology”.

This so-called system acts as an expansion package.

So if the games Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog are put together there, Knuckles can be unlocked as a playable character. To find out more is it HERE


Game cartridges with the additional connection can be seen at the top.

Sonic & Knuckles has a $ 45 million marketing campaign that culminates in the Rock The Rock competition jointly sponsored by Blockbuster Vido and MTV.

The final round will take place on October 17, 1994 on Alcatraz Island.

At the bottom center, Daisy Fuentes announces to the public that the winner will receive $ 25,000 as first prize, symbolized by the bags that can be seen behind her.

Above, these two players are among the fifty finalists

selected from over 100,000 worldwide.

See the “cast” HERE.

The Sega Technical Institute developed Sonic & Knuckles with the help of the Sonic team. Here are some of the members: L.

Roger Hector, General Manager of STI, developers such as Hirokazu Yasuhara and Victor Mercieca, and Adrian Stephens, technical director.

Next up are the musical director of Sonic & Knuckles, Howard Drossin, the artists Kunitake Aoki and Chris Senn, some testers, and Dean Lester, executive producer.

Sonic & Knuckles is a platform video game where it is possible to combine Sonic & Knuckles with other Sonic games to play Knuckles. The game takes place in six levels in which the player collects rings and fights against bosses.

The competition is a kind of “ring elimination challenge” in which players have to collect as many rings as possible in order to eliminate those who collect the fewest rings.