This will be the seal and the intro of all the exclusive PlayStation 5

Sony has revealed the intro and the stamp that will carry all their exclusive PlayStation 5 (PS5). As soon as the first games begin to arrive, all of the company's exclusives will be under the seal of PlayStation Studios, along with the new logo that will group all the first party from the console.

This is a fundamental change within the Sony brand, since it will allow the user to differentiate more clearly which games are under the umbrella, the production, development and financing of Sony as exclusive to its console.

Given the impact that PS4 exclusives have had in the industry, regardless of the study that has produced them, it has obliged the company to create a differentiating seal that allows it to identify its titles on and off its platform:

PlayStation Studios: the future of PS5 exclusives

"In recent years, and even in the last decade, the strength of the titles that came out of our studios has been stronger than ever. We've been thinking about how we bring all of these great games together into one brand, and really the purpose of this is to make the consumer understand that, when they see this brand, they are preparing for a solid, innovative and deep experience that they expect from the games that come from PlayStation Studios ".

The new brand will begin to be used in the next exclusive of the company, but apparently it will not arrive for the launch of The Last of Us II (which goes to the event in less than a month. Nor for Ghost of Tsushima, since it would start to be used later in the fall. Presumably for the first games to hit PS5 or even remasters for them.

In the introductory video, you can see some of the company's most iconic characters and games, such as Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, or God of War. Of these it seems to be confirmed, at least informally, that we will have sequels on the PS5.

Of course, with the exception of the adventures of Nathan Drake, whose fourth installment put an end to the saga, at least with the original cast.

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