Far Cry 6 is now ESRB rated

Ubisoft’s next big title, Far Cry 6, due out October 7, is now listed on CERS And how we imagined it to be loaded with graphic and verbal violence, which is what Ubisoft has gotten us used to in the franchise, and is that these titles have always played with bloody and violent scenes.

Recall that the title is already in the final phase of its development and will be available on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

Far Cry 6 achieves M + 17 rating on ESRB system

According to CERS, Far Cry 6 is a top notch shooter where players take on the role of a resistance fighter (Dani Rojas) who fights against a tyrannical regime on the fictional island of Injury. As players engage in a variety of combat missions, they use guns, grenades, and flamethrowers to kill enemy soldiers and assassinate high-ranking military targets. The fight can be frantic, with frequent screams of pain, explosions, gunfire and blood spatter. Stealth attacks can cause enemies to be stabbed or stabbed up close.

The game contains suggestive / sexual material: a soldier plays a role with a fully clothed sex worker (eg, “I pay a lot of money for you to do as I tell you”; “And what will be the word of security? ”During one sequence, the player character is seen drinking alcohol as the screen gradually warps. A handful of scenes show packets of drugs or contain dialogue referring to cocaine and opium, footage shows man snorting drugs in the distance The words “f ** k” and “sh * t” appear in the dialogue.

None of this surprises regular franchise players who haven’t played any of the franchise titles, since even the way to heal when you don’t have healing items is pretty graphic in terms of cuts, balls embedded in the skin, broken fingers and another explicit sex scene.

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