Xbox Game Pass: we will face ‘Crysis’ during this new week

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As it is always customary to end a weekend with some sadness, I know it seems dramatic and unexpected, but it is a way to let off steam, because cycles must be fulfilled to make way for new opportunities .

This way we will always have a reason to return to our usual rest, although that does not mean that we cannot have a little fun during the next five days. And this is where we take care to offer you this reason to continue.

The Crysis trilogy to enjoy this week

During each week, we try to reinvent ourselves and offer you something concrete to have a good time during these days. Even though sometimes we can’t offer you exactly what you like, we always try to have as much variety as possible. On this occasion, we bring you the Crysis trilogy Since Xbox Game Pass with your Ultimate subscription.

Monday and Tuesday with the first and spectacular delivery

What begins as a simple rescue mission becomes the battlefield of a new war as alien invaders advance en masse on the North Korean island chain. Armed with your powerful Nanosuit, go unnoticed to attack enemy patrols, or increase your strength and destroy their vehicles.

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