120Hz appears again among rumors of the next iPhone

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Of course, rumors about the next iPhone model have been rolling in for weeks. It seems that Apple displays could use LTPO technology with 120Hz soda cupsIt seems clear that the next iPhone model leads to this type of screen and the rumors are ignored.

In this case, sWe are talking about iPhone 13 Pro models as devices on which this type of screens would be installed

the rest of the models would mount an OLED display like the ones we have today in the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max.

In the Ross Young Twitter Account, Again, the burden is on with this type of screen, and it also asks users or rather Apple fans to relax with this topic:

It is a robot that repeats itself over the months, I would even say years, since for the current models of iPhone 12, there were also rumors about the arrival of this type of screens with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. As we all know, that ultimately was not the case.

Samsung and LG would be responsible for providing this type of screen to the new iPhone 13 models. In fact, the current iPad Pro already has this type of screen and the difference is only really noticeable when you put one on. next to each other, that is to say, when you have an iPad Pro with a refresh rate of 120Hz and one next to it that doesn’t. Do you think setting up this type of screen is necessary for the iPhone 13?



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