12×37 Podcast: Fried HomePods and Privacy Cause Problems

This week we are talking about problems many users have with their HomePods, both in the beta of iOS 15 and in iOS 14.6. Also issues caused by privacy concerns and other news of the week.

In addition to the news and opinions on the news of the week, we will also answer questions from our listeners. We’ll have the #podcastapple hashtag active all week on Twitter so you can ask us what you want

, give us any suggestions or whatever comes to mind. Doubts, tutorials, opinions and review of applications, everything has its place in this section which will occupy the last part of our podcast and that we want you to help us do every week.

We remind you that if you want to be part of one of the largest Apple communities in Spanish, enter our Telegram chat (link) where you can give your opinion, ask questions, comment on the news, etc. And here we don’t charge to enter, and we don’t treat you better if you pay

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