A new message may block your iPhone or iPad if it reaches you as a notification

Operating systems are not 100% compatible. Thousands of cybersecurity teams and companies are responsible for finding the flaws and weaknesses that have been communicated to the owners of those systems. That way you try improve the safety of our devices as much as possible. However, there are many risks not available and that can be used for risky purposes. Of course an actor from India in the Telegu language who blocked the terminals in 2018 sounds familiar. In these days it has been found that another message with the exact same characters can trigger blocking of your iPhone or iPad

even if you are updated to the latest version of iOS.

The new Sindhi character can lock your iPhone

This type of risk is named text bombs. They are messages or text strings that reach different channels and are highly capable of loading the operating system. Additionally, they can create a computer restart. If you recall, in 2018, a Telegu sign was discovered that caused the same thing. In addition, the character was quickly distributed worldwide. So the number of cases increased as users did not update the app after an error correction by Apple.

In this case the text It should appear on the notification balloon. The message entails an Italian flag and some Sindhi-language character, the Pakistani ethnic group. This bug affects all kinds of iOS and iPadOS, including the latest updates from Apple. That is, this vulnerability was not detected by a large apple until the user had published it on Reddit.

There is also unknown This text bomb is affecting some specific applications. That is, if it is necessary for this text string to reach you in the form of a notification from the Messaging app or if, on the other hand, the device is blocked regardless of which app displays the notification. What is certain is that Apple will release a version to solve this error very quickly.



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