Advertisers are starting to leave Apple platforms

Apple He’s been working for months to make advertising more “legal” and respectful of our devices, which we know has worked pretty well since the moment we saw the CEO of Facebook complain about it. Anything that ends up annoying Facebook is far better for us as a company.

In this case, the privacy reforms in iOS mean that companies are now investing more in advertising aimed at Android users and ditching Apple’s platforms.

Without a doubt, a move that we can understand as an immediate success of Apple’s plans, be sure to click on “ask the app not to follow”.

Since the Wall Street newspaper indicate that the prices of advertisements targeting iOS users have dropped significantly, while the price of advertisements targeting Android users has increased, the reason is obvious, it is much easier to identify and catch the Android user by the few privacy measures that these devices have, sold to Google from birth.

Advertisers have lost much of the information that made iOS ads so appealing. Now the system limits access and the user controls them. In recent months, ad buyers have focused their efforts on Android ads,

which seem more efficient, gradually abandoning the iOS platform.

Without going any further, on Facebook, there has been an approximate 20% increase in investment for ads on Android devices, the same 20% that fell between May and June for iOS users since the privacy improvements implemented in iOS 14.5 and 14.6 were confirmed to have been fully effective. Apple has done a little bit to make this world a better place, will more sign up?



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