AirPods Max barely consume battery even when out of the case and not in use

It seems that the new Apple AirPods Max don’t consume as much battery as you might think, even if they aren’t placed in their “particular” carrying case. And is that the cover for those who don’t know, Acts as an on / off switch for these AirPods Max. Yes, like with AirPods and AirPods Pro, but without charging.

On this issue, there is a lot of controversy as many users were concerned that consuming the headphones outside of the case would become an issue and that is why MacRumors carried out tests to verify Consumption of AirPods Max when not stored in the case so that they do not go into hibernation.

The main thing is that there is not much battery drain

There are two low power modes on these AirPods Max, the one that is activated only 5 minutes after stopping using the headset without having to disconnect anything and the one that is activated when inserting the headset into the case or after 72 minutes after using it without them. insert into the case which turns off bluetooth and the search function.

In tests by famous YouTuber Marques Brownlee, it has shown that although AirPods Max go into sleep mode after two hours after leaving them off the table but w ithout a shell and although they are still connected to the iPhone , the consumption is about 1% of your battery. Tests indicate that after a full day of not touching AirPods Max, disconnecting from your iPhone, or entering the case, consumption was 3% of the total battery.

Other YouTubers performed the same tests and in the case of Andru Edwards, for example, it shows that in 10 hours their battery ran out by 3% and leaving them out of the case overnight consumed a total of 8% of their battery, so standby time may vary depending on the iPhone they may be connected to. Logically, it is preferable to leave these AirPods Max in the event that they are removed to keep them as protected as possible and especially to activate this low consumption mode which allows greater autonomy. Obviously the consumption by leaving them out of the case is not that high, but it will depend on the situation and needs of each user.

Our colleague Luis Padilla surely offers us information about the consumption of these AirPods Max when you have them in your hands. We look forward to hearing from you.



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