AirTags and much more in 2021 at Apple


The Cupertino company surprised us recently and the truth is that while I’m skeptical of his inventiveness, Tim Cook still has stellar performances to shut our mouths up. It is for all this that the rumors of the “analysts” of change are echoing more and more quickly.

In that case Ming-Chi Kuo is clear on this, AirTags and a new augmented reality device from Apple will arrive in 2021.

As always, the analyst does not reveal his source or give too precise dates, so that could be his umpteenth blow in the air, or a total blow, what do you think?

The Kuo voucher with the AirTag begins in its report today, mak ing it clear that this product will arrive in the year 2021.

Then it goes to augmented reality devices, where it’s also clear that we’ll see it throughout this 2021 year which has just started, but nothing else. One can imagine that the Cupertino company’s first augmented reality product would be glasses, although I still find it difficult to see this type of product as something that the market is able to easily absorb. However, he stresses that these glasses will have a great deal of independence from the iPhone, as is the case with the current Apple Watch.

Likewise, Kuo makes it clear that in 2021 we are going to see new AirPods, as if the launch of AirPods Max was not enough, we will have news in the standard line of TWS headphones from the Cupertino company, and the truth is, that doesn’t surprise us either. Too much considering that AirPods have kept the same design since their launch. What Kuo is clearly telling us is that these new AirPods will be in-ear like with the “Pro” version and that we will have different sizes of earpads in the box.



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