All the news from the first beta for developers of iOS 15.5

iOS 15.5 beta for developers

A few days ago Apple took us by surprise and officially launched the first beta of iOS 15.5 and the rest of the operating systems for developers. From this point, the debugging process begins for any new features that Apple wants to introduce in this release. On this occasion, iOS 15.5 does not introduce major new features to the operating system but there are small changes that will be visible to users when the final version is released in a few weeks. We tell you all the news below.

Apple starts debugging iOS 15.5 with its first developer beta

What’s new in iOS 15.5 starts in the source code of the operating system itself. References were found for new application called Apple Classical.

This app would make sense after Apple bought Primephonic a few months ago. Primephonic is a music streaming service dedicated to classical music. In the source code, there are code snippets that refer to the application: “Open in Apple Classic”. However, there is no trace of the app or functionality anywhere else.

Some small design changes have also been introduced in Apple Pay Cash, Apple’s person-to-person payment feature. Two new buttons have been introduced: Submit or Ask. To make it easier to claim money from a friend or pay to a contact. Also, in the Messages app, the service was called Apple Pay Cash for Apple Cash only.

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The first developer beta of iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 is now available

Some developers have also warned that the function Universal control launched in iOS 15.4 which allowed to manage different users at the same time connected via this function it is not compatible between versions. That is to say, the early beta versions of iOS and iPadOS 15 in addition to macOS Monterye 12.4 are not compatible with macOS 12.3, iOS and iPadOS 15.4.

More name changes related to Apple Pay are the renaming of the physical Apple Card which has been renamed Titanium Card inside the wallet. Basically, these are the main new features of the first beta of iOS 15.5 for developers. We’re sure more news will come in future betas. But until then… wait!



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