An Apple Watch concept with a “notch” for the camera

Apple Watch notch

The images you see are not real. Having said that and clarified the most important point of this article comes the question: Would you like an Apple Watch with this camera design on the front? The truth is, it can be trickier to answer than you might think at first. Looking at the design of this render, we can see that it is quite well disguised, although it is true that having a camera on the front of the watch is not that useful as changing the design.

After the clock that was launched or rather presented as a Meta work plan, which is Zuckerberg’s new Facebook, we once again looked at the existence of this part on the screens of the devices. Bloomberg released images of Meta’s upcoming smartwatch with that eyebrow that adds a camera and all eyes are on Apple to think or see what would happen if the Cupertino company added something like that.

Apple Watch notch

In fact, the current Apple Watch Series 7 is the most complete watch on the market, the one that sells the most and the one that attracts the most. Having a camera on the front of the watch can be used for making video calls or taking a selfie, but is it necessary? Doubt comes when we lose the screen to put a camera

we don’t know if we’ll be using a lot of it, but the camera will be there. We can rule out the arrival of Face ID in principle and more taking into account what happened with the new MacBook Pro, so this kind of rendering shows us how the Apple Watch could be with this camera and nothing other.

Obviously everyone is different and surely many of you find it useful to have a camera on your watch and many others don’t. We will finally see if this type of notch is implemented or not in Apple Watch, for the moment it is a non-real rendering. Then we will see how useful it is on a daily basis which is definitely the most important thing for me when you add these types of design changes.



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