An iOS 16 concept brings Split View and more functional widgets to the iPhone

Concept IOS16

A new year is ending and with it a series of events that marked new milestones for the Big Apple at the software and hardware level. 2022 will be responsible for new products and operating systems. Between them we will see iOS 16, which will be presented at WWDC 2022, Apple’s developer conference, which will most likely have to be in telematic format again although there is still no official confirmation from Cupertino. However, even with six months left for the iOS 16 event, they imagine the arrival of Split View on the iPhone, new features in widgets and a new control center as well as a redesign of widgets on the iPhone.

There are still some for iOS 16 … but we already have the first concepts

The most useful iOS ever. It’s iOS 16. Say hello to more personalization with interactive widgets and icons, easier multitasking, Crypto Wallet integrated with Apple Pay, Always-On-Display with Smart Context, the new Control Center, as well as better performance, stability and battery life.

Apple operating systems always include good news that sets them apart from the rest. In fact, WWDC is always a software event and all the features are built in to start delivering the beta for those systems to the developers. Next June, we will see the first betas of iOS 16, an operating system of which the first concepts have already started to appear. In this case, we have the concept created by user @ Kevin0304_.

One of the first functions that it integrates into the concept is Shared view, that we know very well in iPadOS, which would allow the iPhone to reach a new level of productivity with devices and their multitasking. Thanks to this function, we can open two applications at the same time divided by the middle of the screen. Additionally, multitasking improvements would allow floating apps to be launched that could interact with other apps open in the background. A great challenge given the size of the iPhone screens.

Concept IOS16

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Features that would make the difference with other iOS

the new control center this would introduce horizontal elements instead of all just squares that would occupy the entire width of the screen. In addition, there would be a Smart background

which would provide shortcuts based on recommendations for use to the user by iOS 16. Like the Control Center, widgets would be redesigned with more and more features and interactions. For example, that Apple Music playback control could be done on the Springboard instead of going to the Notification Center or Control Center, for example.

Concept IOS16

It also integrates bitcoin management via Apple Pay as well as a edit icons iOS 16 through icon packs. In this way, we could get the icons from old iOS back or give our device some extra customization. And, finally, an annoying warning that our battery is depleted is also eliminated, which is no longer a pop-up box that distracts and annoys the user to appear as a stripe in the notification center that allows interaction with it to activate the energy saving mode.



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